KCSC Spring Fling at The Women's Center, Chico, CA

Spring 1983. Notable show if for no other reason, this was Bix's last show with 28th Day. Shortly after this performance, Cole became 28th Day's primary guitarist.

- Barbara Manning, vocals
- Bix Beeman, guitar
- Pete Beck, bass
- Mike Cloward, drums


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01 News At 10
02 Racial Differences - false start
03 Racial Differences
04 American Fast Car
05 Disalusioned Youth - false start
06 Disalusioned Youth
07 Silk Of The Night
08 Poor Boy Poor Girl
09 Do You Know How It Feels
10 Chances Become Electric
11 Vicious Circle
12 I'm Only Asking You
13 Apartment Being
14 Dog Collar
15 Reality Is Contraception

this recording was created on a TDK cassette. the deck that was used is unknown. the original cassette was digitally mastered April 2012 by Pete Beck using Audacity 1.3 and Lame Encoder.