The Bakery, Chico, CA

April 1983. Notes on the cassette liner indicate that this was a KCSC organized party. The Bakery was a large Victorian house that was rented by friends of the band (and of the radio station). 28th Day set up in a living room that was no larger then 20x30 feet. Between the band and the audience, there wasn't much room, Plus, the volume on Pete's Bassman amp was set at "11".... A very fun show, none the less - a great high-energy performance!

- Barbara Manning, vocals
- Bix Beeman, guitar
- Allan Dahlquist, guitar
- Pete Beck, bass
- Mike Cloward, drums


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01-We're The Dark Duck
02-News At 10
03-Racial Difference
04-As The World Turns - American Fast Cars
05-Vicious Circle
06-I'm Only Asking You
07-Apartment Being
08-Disillusioned Youth
09-Silk Of The Night
10-Poor Boy Poor Girl
11-Do You Know How It Feels
12-Chances Become Electric
13-Dog Collar
14-Reality Is Contraception

the recording was created on a TDK-D cassette with a blaster box. this original cassette was digitally mastered April 2012 by Pete Beck using Audacity 1.3 and Lame Encoder.