The I-Beam, San Francisco, CA

December 2, 1985. A road trip to SF to open for The Morlocks, during their record release party. The epic band Thin White Rope out of Davis was also on the bill that night as the opener. Although there would be one more house-party gig back in Chico after this night, this I-Beam show presented here would prove to be 28th Day's last club gig that they would play. The band would break up shortly after this.

The recording is incomplete, as the tape was started part way into the first song of the set. Even so, this was still a short performance - only a little over 36 minutes long. I believe that Cole broke a guitar string during Dead Sinner, the reason for the dead air on Track #3 while he replaced it. This is a good quality board recording however, which overshadows this as well as the minor tape issues that the cassette developed in a few places due to years of storage.

There is a video of the first song of this performance, Where The Bears Sing.

- Barbara Manning, vocals and bass
- Cole Marquis, guitar
- Mike Cloward, drums


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01 - Where The Bears Sing (partial)
02 - DeadSinner
03 - Dead Air And Barbara Tries To Tell A Joke
04 - Instrumental #1
05 - Pages Turn
06 - I'm Only Asking You (false start)
07 - I'm Only Asking You
08 - Every Pretty Girl
09 - Lost
10 - 25 Pills
11 - Part II


SF Chronicle Pink Section ad for the show.
set list for the show.

the recording was created on a Maxell XLII 90 cassette, using whatever deck was connected to the I-Beam's PA board. Russ Tolman was running the board that night. as it is a straight board recording, there are no audience fill mics. this original cassette was digitally mastered May 2012 by Pete Beck using Audacity 1.3 and Lame Encoder.