House Party with The Long Ryders, Davis, CA.

October 22, 1983. Roadtrip to Davis, CA, to play a show with The Long Ryders. For a small house, there was a great turnout - there must have been 100+ people packed inside dancing, with more spilling outside. This was also the first of many roadtrips for the band in Pete's 1965 Chevy Impala wagon, the unofficial 28th Day tour vehicle in the early years. It was amazing how much equipment, people and beer that beast of a car could carry.

Not all of our set exists though as we were at the mercy of the guy doing the sound for the show, who started the tape way before we started playing and then forgot to flip the tape.

- Barbara Manning, vocals
- Cole Marquis, guitar
- Pete Beck, bass
- Mike Cloward, drums


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01-pre-show noise - We're 28th Day from Chico - Fuck You
02-Vicious Circle
03-American Fast Car
04-Cold House
05-announcement - the party just ran out of beer
06-Let Go
07-Apartment Being
08-I'm Only Asking You
09-Poor Boy Poor Girl
11-Chances Become Electric (partial)

the recording was created on a cassette with some sort of a blaster box. it was located next to the guy who was doing the sound, who was drinking a lot of beer and talked a lot (you can hear him all through this recording). the cassette that we have is most probably a dub from the original, the copy was digitally mastered April 2012 by Pete Beck using Audacity 1.3 and Lame Encoder.