Live at the Bell Memorial Union, CSU Chico Campus

April 26, 1984. 28th Day opened for the Night Knights at the BMU, in a show sponsered by KCSC radio and the CSUC Associated Students. the BMU room we played in has to have the absolutely worst acoustics in the history of bad acoustics. all concrete, steel and glass, and nothing to dampen any reflected sound. while the performance was still one of our better ones, you might have a hard time telling by the booming bass and drums.

- Barbara Manning, vocals
- Cole Marquis, guitar
- Pete Beck, bass
- Mike Cloward, drums


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01 Chances Become Electric
02 Vicious Circle
03 American Fast Car
04 I'm Only Asking You
05 Poor Boy Poor Girl
06 Apartment Being
07 Let Go
08 Turn It Off
09 Where The Bears Sing
10 Stones Of Judgement
11 Pages Turn
12 Holiday
13 25 Pills (partial)

the original recording was created on a Realistic cassette with a blaster box. also, this is all that we have of this set as Matt Hogan (who was running the board that night) forgot to flip the tape. :)

digitally mastered April 2012 by Pete Beck using Audacity 1.3 and Lame Encoder.


flyer from the show

review: ECHO Magazine - by Suzo Muck
review: The Entertainer - by Matt Hogan