Chico Hell Benefit, Chico, CA

April 13, 1986.

The end. Unbeknownst to those in attendance, they were witnessing the last 28th Day performance prior to the break up. The band performed midday on the back porch of Mark Brunemeyer's (RIP) house near 8th and Nord Ave. It was a sunny, typical big Chico backyard party. MC has speculated that by this point Barbara had decided to move to San Francisco but hadn't made it official. The new 28th Day record was ready to record by this time but it would never happen.

- Barbara Manning, vocals and bass
- Cole Marquis, guitar
- Mike Cloward, drums


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It's All Too Much [The Beatles]
Talk All Night
No Sun No Shadow
If I Don't Know By Now
Part II (partial)


flier for the show.
the original tape...

the recording was made on a TDK SA90. this original cassette was digitally mastered December 2013 by Larry Crane of Jackpot! MP3 versions created February 2014 by Pete Beck using Audacity 1.3 and Lame Encoder.