B/W Studio Recording Session

March 29, 1983. Pete was a broadcasting major at CSU Chico and was also for a time, the Production Director for the campus NPR radio station, KCHO. Through those connections, he was able to persuade one of the professors to allow 28th Day to use the campus black and white TV studio space for an informal audio recording session. The studio space was in the basement of the Library building and was huge - at least it was to a band that was used to playing cramped livingroom corners. The space was also draped with large canvas curtains to dampen sound for the TV shows recorded there, which worked wonderfully for our purposes.

We only had a few hours to use the studio though, and only had a day or so notice. Barbara worked at the time in the Library upstairs and couldn't get out of her shift that day, so the rest of the band set up, did sound checks, and then would sit around and wait until she could sneak downstairs to lay down a track with us. This went on all day, until we had filled nearly two open-reel tapes. Most if not all of the material on the 28th Day cassette that we would later sell at Sundance Records and at our shows was recorded in this session. If you bought one of those you might recognize some of this. The rest though has probably not been heard by anyone outside of the band.

The board and tape recorder used was borrowed from KCHO for the day. The board was an unknown brand 8 to stereo, the recorder was an Otari 15 IPS, 1/4" half-track open reel recorder. Microphones were all our own, and were few and pretty poor quality. Photos also exist from this session, and will be added here as time allows.

- Barbara Manning, vocals
- Bix Beeman, guitar
- Pete Beck, bass
- Mike Cloward, drums


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01-News At 10
02-Vicious Circle
03-Apartment Being - take 1
04-Random Country Ska
05-Apartment Being - take 2
06-Silk Of The Night - take 1
07-I'm Only Asking You - take 1
08-Poor Boy Poor Girl - take 1
09-Dog Collar - take 1
10-Dog Collar - take 2
11-As The World Turns - American Fast Cars
12-Chances Become Electric - take 1
13-Chance Become Electric - take 2
14-Reality Is Contraception - take 1 - partial
15-Reality Is Contraception - take 2

the original recording was done on 1/4 inch open real tape using an Otari half-track at 15 IPS. a cassette dub was made shortly afterward. it was this cassette dub that was digitally mastered April 2012 by Pete Beck using Audacity 1.3 and Lame Encoder.