Cabos, Chico, CA.

March 8, 1984. 28th Day's fourth appearance at Cabos, this was our cassette release party! What little listenable recording that exists from this night show that this was one of the best performances from 28th Day so far. Unfortunutly, "listenable" is the operative word here, as whoever was running the deck at the soundboard had the recording volume set way too loud, overloading the deck and making the tracks worthless. Whoever it was figured it out just before the end of the first set, salvaging most of four songs. Those four songs we're sharing with you. Our set list from the night shows that we played a second set, however if a tape of that exists it's currently missing.


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01-Let Go (the first half of this track is awful, the sound guy fixes it in the middle)
02-25 Pills
03-dead air before Pages Turn
04-Pages Turn
05-dead air before Ceremony

sound board recording. the original cassette was digitally mastered April 2012 by Pete Beck using Audacity 1.3 and Lame Encoder.


flyer from the show

set list from the show