Cabos, Chico, CA.

February 9, 1984. there's a bit of confusion surrounding the date of this recording. the cassette label says that the show was at Cabos on February 9, 1984, and i believe that this was in fact a Cabos show, just from the quality of the recording and the sound of the room. however, Barbara is heard saying just before we launched in to Part II, "we just wrote this song yesterday - this is our first time performing it". however Part II appears in our January 12, 1984 set - a month prior to this February Cabos show. so either this show is actually older than February 1984, or the January 12th set is mis-labeled and was from after February 1984. hey - it's been more than 35 years - things get cloudy after a while! in any case, this is an excellent performance - enjoy!


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01 - I'm Only Asking You
02 - Cold House
03 - Pages Turn
04 - Chances Become Electric
05 - Hate
06 - Silk Of The Night
07 - Apartment Being
08 - Dog Collar
09 - Poor Boy Poor Girl
10 - Part 2
11 - Dead Air - Deciding What To Play
12 - Do You Know How It Feels
13 - Reality Is Contraception - the Batman version!

pretty sure that this came from a sound board recording and we're pretty sure that this was the original cassette. it was digitally mastered January 2021 by Pete Beck using Audacity 1.3 and Lame Encoder.